At HomeFit, it’s all about YOUR personal journey. And we want to help get you there.

Here at HomeFit Personal Training, we know that true wellness comes from a place of inner balance. It’s not just about cardio or strength—it’s also about flexibility, mindfulness, and breath. That’s why we are pleased to offer yoga classes in Louisville! Agnese, our dedicated yoga instructor, is here to guide you through a workout that will not only align your body, but also calm your mind. Yoga is easily adapted for all bodies and all levels, and we welcome everyone to come and take part in our group fitness classes. 

Whether you are hoping to round out your workout plan, you’re recovering from illness or injury, or you simply need a supportive space to chill out, our yoga classes are the perfect place for you. There are many styles of yoga that offer a range of benefits, and our Louisville beginner yoga classes are the perfect blend of intensity and relaxation. Go at your pace, and still reap all the benefits of strength, flexibility, joint circulation, deep breathing, and more! If you’ve been searching for a group yoga class or group fitness experience home, HomeFit is here for you. Plus, you’ll love our easy membership options and online yoga classes too.

In our yoga classes, Agnese can show you how to modify each pose to suit your unique body and fitness level. That’s one of the greatest things about yoga—how easily it is customized to the individual and can progress along with you as you get stronger and more limber. We understand that many people are intimidated by yoga classes, or perhaps think that yoga or flexibility isn’t for them. We invite you to come check out our Louisville beginner yoga classes, and see for yourself. You’ll love the personalized instruction and the camaraderie of your fellow yogis.

HomeFit Personal Training offers online and in-person yoga to folks in the Louisville area. Give us a call or check out our class schedule to get started. We also offer quality options for group fitness classes at home or in the office, call today!