Apply For Our Next 30-Day Fitness Challenge!

Here is your chance to finally say goodbye to feeling overweight, tired and out of shape. Say hello to feeling slim, strong and confident again!

No fat loss pills. No crash diets. No endless cardio. No infomercial gadgets.

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***Limited Availability
***Serious Applicants Only

Our Formula

Fitness + Nutrition + Accountability
+ Community = Success!

What is Included with your 30-Day Fitness Challenge?

  • 6 private 1-hour training sessions in your home or HomeFit studio!
  • Access to over 15 weekly fun and supportive group fitness classes.
  • Assigned in-home workouts for days you cannot come in.
  • A $20 credit for every pound lost towards any HomeFit package.
  • Local HomeFit socially distanced fitness community.
  • Weekly nutritional guidance.
  • Accountability check-ins throughout the week.

6 Benefits of Our 30-Day Challenge


This is the results driven fitness program that will help you reach your health and fitness goals and help build the body you have always wanted.

Lose weight, boost your metabolism, tone your entire body faster than you ever thought possible.

Improve your cardiovascular conditioning and build strength in a super fun and motivating environment.

Receive discounts and cash credits for participating in the challenge that can be used towards any future HomeFit training packages.

Learn how to get the most out of your body and avoid work out related injuries.

Be empowered with the tools and skills you need to have increased energy & a life-long, healthy body.

5 Requirements For The Challenge

Location. Location. Location.

Must live in the Louisville Area.

4 days/week

Either at HomeFit, in your home, or an outside activity.

My Fitness Pal

Must be willing to to log your foods each day in “My Fitness Pal” and share with your fitness coach.

Study Questionnaire

Must send back fitness study questionnaire on
Friday along with a scale pic.

Your Success Story!

At the end of the challenge you must be willing to write a review on your success and allow us to post it. We want you to be our next success story!

A hybrid approach for a new era of fitness.

Our in-home personal training is a perfect solution for avoiding big crowded gyms and you can’t beat the convenience factor of not having to drive anywhere.

Our Saint Mathews studio is perfect for people that want the community feel and like to get out of the house. Our studio is clean and has plenty of space for social distancing.

You feeling comfortable and your safety is our #1 priority.

If You Believe In Yourself You Belong Here!